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Sat 17 Oct, 1.00pm

LIVE from Laidlaw Music Centre

"Sisters, Alison and Fiona form two thirds of the award winning folk rock band Reely Jiggered. Their music has influences from their travels around the World and in particular Alison's knowledge of the Spanish language. As our first LIVE performance on the day of 'Distant Voices' I know this will get your feet tapping and start your afternoon off with a whirl. Sing along, tap along and have fun wherever you will be tuning in from"

Amanda, Festival Director

tricky terrain.jpg

Alison and Fiona McNeill

Reely Jiggered

Alison McNeill (vocalist, fiddler and songwriter) and Fiona McNeill (guitar and bodhran) are the lead artists in award winning folk rock band Reely Jiggered who have toured Mexico, Japan, Germany, Italy and have promoted gender equality in Pakistan. They will perform music from their recent third album “Tricky Terrain” hailed as an "unparalleled folk pop album.” To go to one of their gigs is to be taken on a heady musical journey with furious fiddling, haunting traditional melodies, self-penned songs and eastern reel twists by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland trained Alison and sound designer sister Fiona. They are a uniquely rich visual and aural experience with a soaring diva soprano, the beauty of acoustic instruments, wah-wah pedals and rocked up rhythms.

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