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Sat 17 Oct, 12.00pm

Sea Path with The Byre Theatre

"The Byre Theatre have been long collaborators of the festival, their most recent project led by Dawn and Quee encourages creativity through movement. Allow Quee's music and Dawn's movement direction to waken your bodies and give focus to the day."

Amanda, Festival Director

Dawn Hartley and Quee MacArthur, directors of Sea Path, offer an online physical warm up for singers. With live music played by Quee to accompany the moves, the session is intended as a gentle preparation for the day's singing. Please position your screen where you can easily see and hear directions. We'll start seated and move to standing for those who want. A space where you can fully extend your arms to the sides and all around yourself is ideal.

Dawn and Quee invite you to download and follow a short Sea Path route and to share what you create for the Sea Path Gallery.



Dance Artist

With many years of experience in performing, teaching and choreography, Dawn works with people to make relevant, thought provoking dance theatre and leads dynamic and fun sessions, aiming to give everyone an absorbing physical experience coupled with imaginative tasks.


Dance Artist for East Lothian Council Arts Service from 1999 - 2007, Dawn worked from Brunton Theatre to initiate a dance programme before joining Scottish Dance Theatre in 2007. She developed the company’s reputation for Creative Learning engagement at home in Dundee Rep Theatre and internationally.


She also created T.I.M; This Is Me, supporting the young cast in making their own work for NTS Home/Away Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. Freelance since September 2019, Dawn has worked with Company Chordelia, Barrowland Ballet, Lyra Children’s Theatre, RCS and Indepen-dance.




Quee writes and plays bass in Shooglenifty and has composed for many dance and theatre productions, including The River by Barrowland Ballet, The Buke of The Howlat by Findhorn Bay Arts, Tantalus by Plan B Dance company and Dannsa, a production for BBC Alba.


Recently, Quee created soundtracks for a screen dance film by Joanna McNamarra and for Dawn Hartley’s Dancebase Online R&D.


He also developed his skills in remote collaboration through online teaching with RCS Transitions students and for The Remix Project by Findhorn Bay Arts In 2019, Quee collaborated with musicians Joseph Peach and Charlie Grey, to record structured improvisations based on a walk in Assynt. The resulting compositions explore the connection with landscape and will be presented as part of Findhorn Bay Arts Festival 2020/21.

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