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Seinn: Long Covid Sessions

~ weekly workshops ~

In a safe, and slow environment, our trained Singing for Lung Health leaders will use the power of singing and breath management to help combat the effects of Long Covid in these unique and highly focussed weekly offerings funded by the National Lottery, St Andrews Voices Supporting Voices, and the University of St Andrews Community Fund. ​

St Andrews Voices Festival Director and Project Lead, Amanda MacLeod said: “Our unique workshops will empower and better equip participants to deal with the breathlessness and anxiety associated with Long Covid. The evidenced benefits of Singing for Lung Health and wellbeing include not only improved breathing control but also allows those living with Long Covid a focussed wellbeing intervention that distracts from breathlessness and providing a much needed social participation reducing feelings of isolation that many have suffered during the pandemic.”

The FREE online weekly one hour sessions offer:

  • Warm-up exercises to prepare the body and mind.

  • Practical tools to support improvement in posture and breath control, encouraging self-management of anxiety and breathlessness.

  • Guided and supported singing of specially curated repertoire, selected for their power to calm, soothe and spread joy. These are memorable and accessible to all.

  • A moment for participants to connect with each other in a small, safe, and supportive environment.

When and where will the sessions take place:

  • We have a variety of available time slots across the week (see below)

  • Workshops will take place for 12 weeks on Zoom starting in May 2021

Interested? Know someone else who is interested? Want to find out more?
Email us:


Jane Lewis

Tuesdays: 1300 - 1400


Helen Alexander

Tuesdays: 1730 - 1830


Rachel Hynes

Wednesdays: 1630 - 1730


Daniela Hathaway

Fridays: 1230 - 1330


Amanda MacLeod

Sundays: 1800 - 1900

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